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SME, RISK AND TRADING SYSTEMS, PhD [Operations Research]. I had interesting journey from small pahadi town in Uttrakhand to today (probably inspired by Phanisher Nath “Renu”’s Atho Ghumkaddo zigyasa), both in space and in time. The journey has made me a queer mix of contradictory extremes (points). I am caught up between and swing from one extreme to other, striking balance between Small town values and Big City Values, between experiences of bought up in socialistic environment and working in capitalistic environment (reaping benefits of!!), between Hindi medium schooling and English medium higher studies, between ease in connecting to small town values and issues and big city mores and list goes on…

Monday, April 27, 2009

Lotus Lantern Festival, Seoul

Every city has ability to surprise you and endear itself. My stay in Seoul ends this week. After a Harsh winter, Seoul, the soul of Asia, presents Lotus lantern festival. Some Snaps...

I was surprised at finding Dr Ambedkar in one of the lanterns !!! Check out which one


Ashutosh Deo said...

Cool... Nice pics...Every city has its own charm... I would say.

I was in Colombo for about 3 months in 2003. They have a festival called Vesak ... considered holy by the Buddhists... They too have a nice display of lanterns.. and some performances.

samaysanat said...

Hello Tp,
I always read your blogs. I want to talk to you. Please email me.
Thank you.

Anurag said...

That looks great.

Had no idea that Buddhism is still big in S. Korea. Seeing so many of 'em with strong adherence to protestantism and proclaiming connection with jesus himself on 79th Baptist Church, I really never thought they would "celebrate" old school buddhism in korea.

Sounds interesting. May be I would take up a job in Korea :)